March 2021

ATRIUM Partners appoints Peter Mahrt as co-managing partner

ATRIUM Partners has appointed Peter Mahrt as co-managing partner. The management of ATRIUM now consists of founder and managing partner Jan Davidsen and managing partner Peter Mahrt. The partnership also comprises Michael Ahlburg Tybring and Kent Petersen.

With the appointment, ATRIUM strengthens the leadership with the aim of generating additional business and continuing the positive development of the firm.

"Peter has more than 20 years of experience and has proven himself as a highly valued and trusted M&A advisor. As managing partner Peter will continue to lead a strong team with passion and humor, continuously aiming to add value for our clients."

Jan Davidsen, Founder & Managing Partner, ATRIUM Partners

"I look very much forward to stepping into this role. My focus will be on supporting our strong momentum and on developing our talented team further for the benefit of our clients."

Peter Mahrt, Managing Partner, ATRIUM Partners