May 2015

Leo Svendsen joins ATRIUM Partners Advisory Council

Leo Svendsen (1955) is professional board member, including being chairman of Christian Nors Holding, Testhuset, Rostgård Maskinstation and MyCruise and he is member of the board of directors at Coferro. In addition to the board memberships, Leo is external advisor to the private equity investment fund Triton. Leo is former CEO of BEC (“Bankernes EDB Central) and has also held executive positions at TDC as well as SDC.

”It is a great pleasure to welcome Leo Svendsen in ATRIUM Partners Advisory Council. Leo contributes with extensive industry-specific knowledge within the IT- and financial sector and possesses years of experience with business development, restructuring and paradigm shift within these sectors”, says Jan Davidsen, Partner & CEO of ATRIUM Partners.

All members of ATRIUM Partners Advisory Council are highly experienced professionals with extensive networks within a wide range of industries. Members are carefully selected partly on the basis of their industrial expertise and experience, partly on the basis of their business and geographical network. Along with the Advisory Council ATRIUM holds a unique combination of financial expertise and industry understanding to ensure optimal conditions to create maximum value for our customers and investors.